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So you finally have that new camera you've always wanted, but are intimidated by the myriad of buttons it has. And the techy jargon in that oh-so-confusing manual is of little help.  Or...you have signed up for a photo class in the past but the instructor either covered too much too fast or the size of the group just wasn't for you.  I can help.

I offer personalized, individual instruction based on your needs, not an entire group. This assures a better learning experience for you. Together we will quickly review your skill level and concentrate on those areas you feel you need help with.   Want to learn basic photo principals of exposure and composition?  How about wanting to improve your photos with your point and shoot camera?  Or maybe you want to get out of auto mode and take complete control of your creativity by learning to shoot in manual.  I have the knowledge, methods and materials to guide and help you along the way.  A "mentor" so to speak.   I promise you a relaxed, individual, one on one experience where you are certain to come away with a better understanding of photography and the beauty of light.  Use the "CONTACT ME" tab if would like more information.


Want to hone your photo skills with a fun workshop?  I love to shoot at various locations and use different  techniques to get amazing images.  I personally learn something every time I go out and have fun along the way as well.  I generally have additional equipment to loan for the duration if needed and once again the level of personal attention is top priority.  Workshops vary depending on locations with the minimum number of attendees being one...you!  I love to be out shooting! Use the "CONTACT ME" tab if you are interested in a workshop or would like more information.

Every photographer dreams of shooting that perfect waterfall!  The cool, flowing water draws us into the image.  There are many waterfalls in central PA in which to explore and photograph.  Contact me if you are interested in learning this technique with a workshop to a local waterfall. You may come away with a shot you will be proud to enlarge and hang on your wall.

The night sky is one of my very favorite things to shoot. Surprisingly great astro photos can be made with today's digital cameras, the kit lens and a tripod.  My astro workshops are very info driven and informative, thus perfect for beginners. They include classroom instruction on when and where to shoot, equipment, technology review (useful phone apps), post processing tips and tricks as well as several hours of on location shooting.  I make several trips out at night through the summer months.  Join me and be amazed at the night sky. I guarantee you will come away with a new sense of wonderment and a different perspective on the universe in which we are a part of. 

"That's not the photo I thought I was getting".  Post processing is a necessary part of today's digital photography.  Your camera is not as smart as you think it might be and wants to create an image it thinks is correct.  I don't want the camera making those decisions for me. This is where post processing comes into play. Photo Shop and Lightroom can be very intimidating, but learning the basics is not that difficult.  I suggest a hands on, personal tutorial to help get you started.  I can teach you the basics of each program along with a few trips, tricks and shortcuts I have learned.  I even recommend one over the other for beginners and can show you why.  This workshop is one on one only.  Use the "CONTACT ME" tab for more information and to schedule your workshop.

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